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Administrate, LLC is a Gateways Authorized training and administrative consulting company designed to give childcare owners the tools to build a successful childcare business and provide professional developmental training and support to childcare owners and teachers.


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ECE Teacher


Getting started in the field of ECE is exciting. Interested in getting your CDA Credentials.  Contact us today and we can help you get started toward achieving your dreams.

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Learn steps to launch your ECE business. Receive step by step coaching tips to help you navigate through the start up process.

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Register for our Gateways Registry Approved Trainings. Our trainings report directly to your professional development records. Our trainings are specific to program development, business administration, leadership and state based required trainings.

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ECE Director


Learn strategies on how to manage a successful early childhood business and expand in the industry through coaching, mentorship and accountability sessions.

About the CEO

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Early Childcare Business Builder

Hi, my name is Shrome Kennard. I am an early childcare business builder. I teach childcare owners how to build successful childcare businesses by giving them administrative tools, strategies, training and consulting support to help them develop blueprints for a successful business.

Launching a business can be scary, I know; I have been at the helm of many educational business launches and have experienced the stress, headaches and pitfalls of start-ups. Over the past 20 years I have worked in the field of Business and Early Childhood Education and have come up with a strategic plan to make the start-up process less daunting for others. 

So, the question I have for you is simple, are you ready to be brave and finally pursue your dreams? If so, book a consultation today!

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